Friday, August 06, 2010

What is going on in Bicester?

I only ask because something very troubling has come up.

The story of the Eco-Town to be built on pristine countryside is one of ebbs and flows (at present there seems to be some sort of stalemate) between those who want to build it, and those who don't.

However this statement by one of its proponents rather too me aback today,
High on the agenda is money to pay for land for a desperately needed cemetery

It is a new town, nobody lives there yet, and they are worrying about piles of corpses stacking up. Are they expecting some eco friendly type serial killers to turn up?

I mean yes, they will probably have to expand the current Bisceter burial ground, but 'desperately'?


Bucko said...

Are they building Raccoon City? Is it soon to be crawling with zombies?
Just a thought.


It will certainly be a "new town"built by foreigners,for foreigners,with foreigners in mind,thus they will need all of the burial space that they can get,to accomodate the "honour killings"the drug gang killings,the many rapes that go wrong,uninsured hit and runs,poisonous filth commonly known as take aways,will they ever have enough burial space?