Friday, August 06, 2010

That pensioner had previous

It appears that Robert Clive Whatley the pensioner whose car was smashed in by police has previous. And we all know that people who have previous should be dealt with strongly.

It is just his previous is in beating off a conviction and suing the police.

A PENSIONER who accused a Gwent police officer of assaulting him in a court case in July is to sue the force after being cleared of all the convictions against him.
Robert Clive Whatley, 64, was convicted of using insulting words and behaviour and motoring offences at Abergavenny magistrates court last July.
The key witness in the case against Mr Whatley was PC Jonathan Ellis, from Abergavenny, who last week pleaded guilty to stealing £80 from a purse handed to him while he was on duty.
Well he is obviously a wrong un then... The police will have tapped in his details into their little computor and seen all that history.

Stands to reason that they stood on his car and kicked his windscreen in, whilst simultaneously smashing in the door window.

Hat tip OH