Monday, August 16, 2010

Roll up, roll up, last chance to be bought

Quick quick, you have until tomorrow to enrol at the EU's latest workshop for young jounalists.
This is to take place over three days in October and is to focus on the admittedly interesting fact that,

the number of journalists in Brussels dropped from 1,300 to 752 in the past five years?
Well actually I have my own theory about that. You see in the past many of the journalists were basically lobbyists moonlighting as journalists. The institutions cracked down on the obvious conflicts of interest. Thus there are fewer registered journalists.

But anyhow I note that though this is to take place on EU premisis and is being advertised by the EU itself, it is being run by another organistation, something that calls itself the European Youth Press.

Based in Germany this appears to be an EU front organisation.

Some of its objectives are well, read them for yourselves,

"Cooperation between young journalists in Europe
Education of young people to democraticc, consciously acting humans
Education of multipliers and strengthening the role of youth media in Europe
Education for media competence among young people in Europe
The participation of young people
You know the sort of thing. Ofcourse a young journalist cannot in themselves become a member. This is another of those EU actors that has as a membership only other organisations which share its aims, or swim in a similar pond. So they claim to have 48,000 members - Uhuh yeah right.

They appear to get 77% of their funding from the The Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency and they also list The Council of Europe as supporters.

So we can be sure that the bright fluffy-eyed, and doe-tailed types turning up in October will get a honest account of the institutional carry on.

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