Thursday, July 22, 2010

Seems like people are not too happy with the Licence Fee

MoneySavingExpert is a very popular website full of stuff to cut costs, good for it.
It regularly has online polls on various subjects, previous examples have been
How many overseas holidays will you take this year?
Would you ‘pay in cash’ to help people avoid tax?

All interesting stuff no doubt. This week's question is this
Do you believe in the BBC Licence fee

And the response is, No not really,
Do you believe in the licence fee?

A. Yes. I think it's an important public service
24% (4320 votes)
B. Yes, but it's far too high. It needs to be cut and scaled back
27% (4722 votes)
C. No. I'd happily see ads fund it
49% (8773 votes)

All seems pretty conclusive to me.

The comments section is worth a read,
It is an archaic system and an unfair tax. Of course, the BBC is well aware that in the free ad driven market, they would not be able to compete as people simply would not pay the license fee and quite happily do without BBC, repeats and all. Surely, the BBC funding system is on borrowed time!

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Budgie said...

Whenever I get the chance to point out that we are not compelled to purchase a TV licence I do.

The BBC is terminally biased: it favours statism, the Eu, the Euro, and catastrophic AGW.

You do not have to support it. If even a third of us denied the BBC its lifeblood cash, it would have to change.