Friday, July 30, 2010

Jalsa Salana: A very good thing.

One complaint that many like myself make about the British Islamic community is how they, on the whole do not make it clear that violence is not the way forward. Often the condemnations of violence are mealy mouthed and insincere in feeling.

So can I bring everybody's attention to what is happening this weekend nr Alton in Hampshire. The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in the UK are having their annual gathering. 30,000 will be there to celebrate an Islam that is a peaceful as anyone could hope.
Hadhrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, the fifth Khalifa of the Ahmadiyya Muslim
Community, said:
“Those who love and yearn for peace should stand united against terror and ‘jihadist’ violence. Extremists are creating havoc and seek to destroy those who disagree with their dogma. We will continue to respond with patience and prayer and let never give up our belief and trust in God.
“We must always stride to be the standard bearers of the true Islam –and have love
for all and hatred for none.
“Allah created all the worlds and is The Master of all creation. Those who commit murder in His name will only incur His wrath.
Those who kill will bear a heavy burden for God has proclaimed that to take one
life of an innocent is like murdering all of humanity.
“We are a community of peace, even in the face of such adversity. By spreading a message of peace, we can extinguish the flames of hatred.”

Or how about this?
Rafiq Hayat, national president of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Association UK, added: "Those who murder in the name of Allah, and those who incite others to hatred, are not only enemies of Islam but of all of humanity.


Mariam Malik said...

As an Ahmadi Muslim, I wish to say thank you for your posting, and also to re-iterate that we are a peaceful community, whose motto is 'Love for All, Hatred for None'. We are trying our best to spread the message of peace, through open days in our Mosques, interfaith dialogue, Peace symposiums, a national leaflet campaign which is underway-these are some of our efforts. I pray that the convention proves to be a peaceful, safe and spritually uplifting event for all, with minimum disruption to our neaighbours in Alton, and the local community.
Thank you


So you do not want to take over my country,impose sharia laws and the savage brutality that this entails?just one word sums this up TAKIYA.

Gawain Towler said...

Actually, in this case Englishman, I think you do the Ahmadayya Muslims a disservice.
In this instance I think the doctrine of Takiya or Taqiyya doesn't follow.
It is essentuially a Shia doctrine, and the Ahmadiyya are in no way Shia.
If we asume that all are against us we will find sure as eggs s eggs that al will be against us.
On another subject today there is a letter in the Times (behind thier ruddy firewal of course) in which somebody points out that most things would be improved if we make an assumption, until proven otherwise that people mean well.
I think that in the Islamic world, many groups have indeed proven otherwise. That doesn't mean that all have.
I may be wrong of course, but my experience tells me that the Ahmadayya are not as painted here.


This makes little difference to our dispossession and as for doing any muslim a service,count me out.we are too far down the road to quibble about who is and who is not "peaceful",and i suspect that if i were to invade the ahmadi muslim patch ,they would have the same reaction as the majority of English people to being invaded.Further if they do not follow the teachings of the koran,then they are not muslim in any respect,but apostates ,and we all know the penalty for such an "offence"

Mariam Malik said...

Dear Englishman,
Apologies for my late reply-I was at the Jalsa Salana! (Convention). It was great- attended by many dignitaries and MPs and the mayor of Alton.
I certainly understand how many English people are weary of Muslims/Sharia Law etc, but this is not the case for us. We have no desire for Sharia Law here-this is not a Muslim country. I am a very proud and loyal British citizen, and like many other Ahmadis, trying to make a positive contribution to society. You can on our website to see some of the examples of our work. Our community has peacefully lived here since 1910's (I think it was 1918) and the first mosque in Southfields was inaugurated in 1924. There is no brutality/terrorist behaviour etc associated with our community-just love and peace.

S Harris said...

Thank you for acknowledging our true intentions and listening before making an assumption. Ultimately we believe religion and beliefs are a matter of choice and should be left at that with everyone welcoming everyone, no matter if they are black, white, red or blue. At the same time we do not believe that peace should be a choice, but instead a natural and “normal” way of living with each other and amongst each other.

H said...

The Ahmadis always seem like nice people. But is it not the case that many other Muslims don't accept that they are proper Muslims?

HairyNoddy said...

H - I think you're correct, muslims view ahmadiyya muslims as apostates.

The Ahmadiyyas sound fine to me. We should push that as the only tolerable version of islam in the UK. My only concern is that other muslim sects might throw them out of their own mosques.

ahtsham said...

assalamo alaikum i am an ahmadi muslim and what i want to say is that the ahmadiyya muslim community is much more different then the other muslim sects or communitys. the ahmadiyya muslim community is trying to spread peace and love over the world but the other muslim sects or communitys are trying to spread hatred and violent against the ahmadiyya muslim community which is the true islam.