Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Bad Joke politician explains what Climate policy is all about

The magnificently named (given his job title) Joke Schauvliege, who is the Flemish Minister for Environment, Nature and Culture, and current holder of the rotating Chair of the EU's Environment Council has joined forces with the European Commissioner for Climate action, Connie Hedegaard to put out a statement after the Council's informal Environmental Council in Ghent yesterday.

And it is a corker. For it makes explicit what it is that is driving the climate alarmist agenda. It is not so much the dangers to the climate per se that makes them all so keen on global legislation and Carbon Credits, and Cap and trade and all that maklarky, but what is does for them, the transnational political elite,

"Having no concrete outcome in Cancun would be unacceptable. It would not only
put the UNFCCC and the role of multilateralism at risk, but we would also run the risk of losing public support for the process and for our climate policies in general ."
Please note what the concern is here, firstly it is about governance, about pan national governance, not about the climate itslef. The collapse in support for AGW/Climate Change driven policies threatens the elite, not the climate.

On a different (bum?) note I just wonder what they might mean by this?

it could also entail bottom-up measures to reduce greenhouse gas emission on the
short term.
Corks maybe?

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