Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Our Eco religion hasn't damaged the economy enough

Lord Turner has just been on the Today program spouting the usual nostrums. However he is right in one thing. The reason why we have seen a reduction in certain emissions is simply due to the economic downturn, not due to ambitious anti-global warming policies.
“(Emissions) did fall very steeply in 2009... but actually it was almost entirely due to the impact of recession,” he said.
To him of course te recession is a good thing - though maybe not to the millions out of work, but being a featherbedded uber quangocrat he couldn't really understand that,
“There is underlying progress but we are going to have to increase the pace of reduction."
But what he really wants is the recession to become permanent, he is calling for a 'step change' in policies to embed recession as he demanded 'an increase in the speed of reductions'.

He just doesn't get it. The only visible quantifiable result of his policies are suffering on an industrial scale, his proscription? More suffering.

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Anonymous said...

He (and all the others like him) don't appear to understand that these are two sides of the same coin. To put it in a way that even he might grasp: -

Shrinking Economy = Reduction in Emissions

Forced Reduction in Emissions = Shrinking Economy