Tuesday, June 29, 2010

More on that Common Economic Government

That Titan of the world political scene Herman Van Rompuy was wearing his 'quiet assassin of nations' clothes again yesterday when he spoke to MEPs. He was talking about the different roles of national Governments and the European Union is dealing with the financial crisis,

"At European level, we can - and do - adopt common legislation for our common market on the regulation of financial services, on competition policy, on trade, on consumer protection and on other matters."

We can also make use of the EU budget, in particular the structural funds and the research programmes. In all this, the role of the commission is pivotal."He added, "But, key aspects of our economic performance remain essentially a national competence - not least education. If we are to be successful, we need to mobilise all levels of government in a common endeavour."

According to the treaty, "Member states shall regard their economic policies as a matter of common concern and shall coordinate them within the council".

So let's have a quick audit.

Nation States responsibility.
Agreeing to do the same as everybody else.
Education (common endeavour)

EU responsibility
Financial Services,
Consumer protection,
Other matters (undefined)

Glad to have cleared that up.

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