Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A little less joy

The thing about much EU based regulation isn't that it devastates or destroys, it just diminishes.

Here for example is the story of the new Lotus Elise and Exige (See photo - Thanks James). The marque is launching it's latest 1.8ltr version (named in honour of its retired engineering chief Roger Becker), a rather splendid object it is,
The Elise SC RGB packs a supercharged 1.8l engine, developing 217 hp and sprints naught to sixty in 4.3 seconds. The Exige S RGB is powered by a supercharged/intercooled engine

Exige S RGBof the same displacement, developing 257 hp and accelerating the vehicle to 60 mph in 4 seconds.
But wait what is the problem? Beautiful car, limited sales potential, but something small children of all ages will walk past and smile and dream about.

But not in the UK, or indeed in the EU.

Euro 5 emissions regulations are set to kill 1.8-litre Lotus Elises and Exiges in EU markets by the end of 2010,
As UKIP MEP and transport spokesman, Mike Nattrass puts it,
"Britain has an enviable record in the design, manufacture and production of sports cars. The engineering talent and experience is invaluable but these laws will undermine it", he said "It is just another EU nail in the tyres of UK industry".

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