Sunday, June 20, 2010

EU's power grab

Marta Andreasen, the UKIP MEP and former European Commission chief accontant has a big piece in the Sunday Telegraph where she makes things pretty clear about what is coming over the hill from Brussels,
What does the EU do best? Blame others and grab power.
That is the only sensible conclusion to be drawn from the European Commission's intention to press on with its insistence on scrutinising national governments' budget plans, including that of Britain.
Cameron is left clinging to the diaphonous protection of six opaque words,
Mr Cameron has grandly declared that Britain would not allow Brussels first sight of the budget and that proposed hefty sanctions against countries breaching deficit and debt limits set by the EU must apply only to the single currency member states.
But don't hold your breath, because he is relying on six flimsy words of the summit statement - "taking account of national budgetary procedures" - to get him off the hook.
He knows, we know, everybody knows how much weight those words really have, but sadly, for now most of the media have bought the line.

And when reality breaks? They will be shocked I tell you, after all nobody could have realised what the EU meant.

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