Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A chance to speak into the void

The European Commission has launched a consultation
Amongst the questions that are being asked are those such as this,
Are the commercial arrangements that currently govern the provision of access to
the internet adequate, in order to ensure that the internet remains open and
that infrastructure investment is maintained? If not, how should they change?
Which seems to be requesting the answer, Yes of course the internet should be taken out of the hands of independent commercial and profit making types and handed over to the disinterested and trustworthy taxpayer funded bureaucrats.
And so to the final point
4.5. The political, cultural and social dimension
The internet has become a vital platform for the political, cultural, and social participation of European citizens. Any policy decision concerning the way in which the internet functions must be framed keeping this basic premise very firmly in mind.
Question 15:
Besides the traffic management issues discussed above, are there any other
concerns affecting freedom of expression, media pluralism and cultural diversity
on the internet? If so, what further measures would be needed to safeguard those values?

What do you think? Frankly keeping the government out of the internet is a good palce to start, and discouraging the EU from waving its regulatory wand over the sector could be very helpful.
In various countries of the EU, Italy for example there have been serious attempts to control the internet for political purposes. The Eurocrats have never forgiven the way in which the first Irish Lisbon Treaty vote was influenced by internet campaigning. How they spoke in shock of the way in which the No side were fleet footed and used humour.

Now I am no expert in these matters and defer to those wiser than I, but please, if you know what you are talking about involve yourself in this consultation.

Responses need to go to before the 30th September

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