Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Voodoo Ed perchance

I was amused by a tweet I saw this afternoon from a Luke Bozier, a London labour activist.

he has created a supporter map for Ed Milliband, and is inviting everyone to stick a pin in it.
Well sticking a pin in Ed seems to be an occupation that many should enjoy, particularly the other one.

Voodoo socialism anyone?


Anonymous said...

Wonder why liebour activists think we'll be interested in a party that deliberately tried to bankrupt the country. Isn't there some law the ex-cabinet should be tried under? Or better still try them all for treason.

Chuckles said...

There is always the Douglas Adams approach -

'They've brought back the death penalty for insurance company directors.'
'Really, what crime?'
'What do you mean, crime?'