Monday, May 10, 2010

Twitter madness

The Paul Chambers case is uttterly ridiculous.

To think that somebody can get a criminal record and £1000 fine for venting their frustration is bonkers. That the police and the CPS thought it was worth wasting taxpayers money on the case was even worse.

As Mr Chambers put it just now on his twitter feed,
"I'd like to thank the CPS for their level-best efforts in fucking up the life of an ordinary citizen. I love Britain"
If I said here and now that the people in the CPS who were responsible for this travesty and destruction of freedom of speech should be rounded up, and rolled in broken glass, because I an frustrated by the idiocy and waste they have displayed and caused, would I put myself in risk of arrest?

It seems so. (Awaits in trepidation)

Jack Wilkes that you were with us now.


Joe Litobarski said...

Agreed. How about a co-ordinated mass retweet of Chambers' original "offensive" tweet? Or is that conspiracy?

Chuckles said...

Next thing you know they'll be fining people that for saving some goldfish without a licence

Gawain Towler said...

Bad Joe, very bad.
Chuckles, surely no country would be so stupid as to do that..