Sunday, May 16, 2010

To see oursel's as others see us!

Europe and euro are immortal

Is the claim of Mohan Murti in the business section of the Hindu today.
Immortal Europe

Will the EU survive? People are asking the question because of the crisis. My answer is a categorical yes.

Having lived and worked in Europe for two decades, I am one of those people who have always held in the European idea and will continue to do so.

To me, it still is inconceivable how this continent has bunched together its economic, trade, political and military forces.

Clearly, there is more that unites its countries than divides them. Europe and euro are immortal.

Making Europe immortal is a very old idea. After being struck by one of Eros's arrows, Zeus, the father of all Greek gods, fell in love with Europa, the daughter of the Phoenician king. When he later realised that his beloved was destined to pursue the path of mortals, he named the continent after her and proclaimed: “Europa, you shall be immortal because the continent that has accepted your body shall bear your name for all time.”

Despite the current euro crisis, Europeans who believe in the idea of Europe may be nit-picking and moaning but have not mislaid any faith in the European idea.

Of course I beg to differ, but seeing the way that the colleagues have reinvented themselves and ridden roughshod over the wishes and fears of the peoples f Europe I can understand how he might think it.

There again, nothing is ever immortal, nothing.


Griblett said...

'There again, nothing is ever immortal, nothing.'

I am... so far.

wv = fograte. Dense, murky and wet, just like the gummint.

Gawain Towler said...

Well, of course there is that

Adam R. said...

Is that part about Zeus naming the continent "Europe" really part of the mythology, or did the author just make it up?

josier said...

I think the author Mohan Murti has cast aside all doubts on survival of euro and europe. Excellent analysis and deep insights by Mohan Murti.

josier said...

Oh, Zeus naming the continent "Europe" really part of the mythology

josier said...

I like the portion of the article where the author Mohan Murti had highlighted the outstanding progress made by 27 countries of Europe. When countries around the world were dividing and dissipating, European nations were coming together. Its the greatest event of the 20th century. I fully agree with the author that the European Continent & Euro are here to stay, forever!