Friday, May 14, 2010

This just doesn't feel right

In Norwich police will be using children to hand out speeding tickets.Norwich kids join speeding crackdown

Is it right, can it be right to use children in this way?

Oh yes we all want to go back to a time when cars were prodeded by some bloke waving a red flag, I know, but surely that would be better than using children in what is essentially a propaganda excercise.

This is all of a piece with those 'My puppy drowned because you drove an SUV' adverts that the Government were promoting.

Once the principle has been breached that children are acceptable propaganda tools for almost anything. Which leads to this, and this.


Anonymous said...

You are not alone in being concerned - see here :

banned said...

While I have no sympathy for drivers who speed in the vicinity of schools, using children in this way is monstrous, would a ticket handed over by an un-uniformed child be valid btw?

As to your Spingday link, I well remember being in receipt of very expensive glossy literature promoting Europe Of The Regions back in the 1970's ( A levels); I thought nothing of it since there was 'my' region, the old GLC and, at that age, why wouild I care about the random way that the rest of the country was carved up?

No doubt such propagandising within our schools has gone on ever since.