Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Forked tongue alert

That William Hague, he is a card isn't he.

He he is talking to the collegues is the heavily subsidised Europe's World a journal for Eurocrats, by Eurocrats,
The new Conservative-led government will also deal with the issues raised by the Lisbon treaty’s ratification. British voters were denied any say over the treaty, either at a general election or in a referendum and in breach of the last government’s election manifesto commitments. That denial has done grave damage in Britain to the European Union’s democratic legitimacy, and that legitimacy is now profoundly in need of repair.

Lawks, it sounds like he is gearing up to something, who knows maybe suggest that in the light of such abject failures of democracy he is proposing to allow the British people their denied say.

Well if you thought that you might be waiting rather a long time. Instead he refers to the speech in which Mr cameron rusted his 'cast iron guarantee'(tm) and
We have been very clear that the purpose of these measures is not to frustrate or sabotage the operation of the European Union but to put Britain’s role in the EU on a more positive footing.

So abject surrender if they refuse anything. No threats of vetos, no threats of empty chairs, no keeping the powder of referenda dry to use as a final negotiating tool. Nothing new at all.

It is worth reading the whole thing as a lesson in how to sound tough in Europe, whilst saying nothing at all.

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