Friday, May 28, 2010

Blunkett's chutzpah

David Blunkett he suggested this morning on the Today program that he was thinking about suing the Government for making his £30 investment pointless,
"I have got a card and it's very useful and I don't believe anyone has surveilled anything about me. Unfortunately, nobody is getting their money back. I'm thinking of suing them, but it might cost me more than £30."

Well David, apart from the fact that you probably don't notice the whole incraese in CCTVs and the like in our society, maybe we should be suing you.
For all the millions that you and your dictatorial scheme has cost us.


Lee Rotherham said...

If it's 'very useful', then he should presumably be happy with the service it currently provides (whatever that is) and so the case falls on the first premise.

Battersea Boy said...

I'd be very happy to give David Blunkett £30 for his ID card.