Thursday, May 27, 2010

Big society: big cost?

Sam Coates, the Tories key new media chappy, and generally decent egg, has just twittered this,
@SamuelCoates I litter on the Tube all the time - if I read something I think others should read I'll leave it there rather than bin it

Well this seems to be one of those nice ideas so beloved of the Cameronians, but without thought of the consequences.

I am sure that Sam thinks he is being generous. The question is, who picks up the cost of his generosity? I don't know, maybe Sam is littering the tubes with the FT, which he has pre-purchased at the cost of £2 per day. However I suspect it was a case of the Metro freesheet which initially came to him with no cost.

Acording to TFL,
More than 40 per cent of station and depot waste (mainly newspapers) was recycled in 2007/08

So how much does you generosity cost us Sam, you and the others who are so kind? Together you pile up the costs that increase the bills, that as sure as eggs is eggs increase the fares.


Anonymous said...

Can't say I totally agree with this post.. I found an economist on the tube yesterday and enjoyed it so much I've given it pride of place with my other toilet reading material at home.

I quite like it when I find a decent magazine on the tube.. long may people continue to leave them.

Gawain Towler said...

As I mentioned, if it were the FT or something that actualy cost something, then there is more excuse. It is the drifts of the Metro that get my goat