Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Comedy goings on in Portobello Road

Information comes my way from a public meeting on Portobello Road last night,

There was a tremendous Hoo-haa at the kensington planning committee meeting last night over Lipki's antiques arcade in the Portabello Rd (In my Bailywick).

The Tory council in their greed have allowed a local developer to run roughshod over the planning rules, close a couple of hundred antiques stalls and turn it into a clothing megastore. Massive audience had to be accommodated in the Great Hall baying for blood. Screaming Antique dealing old queens burning their sequined Jockstraps. Mascarra running in the gutters.

We all had to be searched for bombs, IN KENSINGTON !! Apparently threats were made!!!!

Oh the excitment.

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