Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Anybody help me out here?

BBC Welsh language site has written this,
Fe fyddai dyn yn meddwl y byddai pob plaid yn gweithio'n galed i geisio osgoi cydymffurfio a stereoteip anffodus. Ydy UKIP yn gall felly i drefnu ei lansiad Cymreig mewn Clwb Hwylio?

Oce, dyw blasers yn orfodol ac fe fyddai Clwb Golff yn waeth. Serch hynny...

Gan fy mod wedi crybwyll y Gwyrddion yn gynharach mae'n werth nodi bod UKIP yn bwriadu sefyll ym mhob etholaeth yng Nghymru y tro hwn.

Mae na ambell i stereoteip anffodus arall. O'r 38 darpar ymgeisydd sy'n cael eu rhestri ar wefan y blaid mae 36 yn ddynion. Does na ddim llawer o Gymraeg ar y safle chwaith.

My gues it is a follow up to some business in South Wales that has been covered at length in the South wales press, but sadly my Welsh is not up to it.


Chuckles said...

My hovercraft is full of eels!

Courtesy of Google,Chrome etc

A man would think that all parties are working hard to try to avoid compliance and unfortunate stereotype. Is UKIP can therefore arrange its launch in Welsh Yacht Club?

Ok, does blasers mandatory and Golf Club would be worse. Nevertheless ...

As I mentioned earlier the Greens it is worth noting that UKIP intends to stand in every constituency in Wales this time.

There are some other unfortunate stereotype. Of the 38 potential candidates who are listed on the website of the party to 36 men. There's not many Gymraeg on the site either.

Gawain Towler said...

Why thank you. It really must upset chaps like that that UKIP picked up one of the 4 MEP seats in Wales