Thursday, March 04, 2010

UKIP news update

Todays news update has been delayed - sorry about that.

Van Rompuy claims to be a better Briton than Farage in the Telegraph

Taunting Ukip's British nationalism, the EU President insisted that he, a Belgian, not Mr Farage, had behaved like a true Briton.
"I reacted in a typically British fashion, just like the British at their best, phlegmatically. I just let it wash over me," he told the Flemish VRT broadcaster.
Mr Farage responded to the taunt by accusing the British government of treachery by agreeing to the Lisbon Treaty that created the EU President post for Mr Van Rompuy.
"Britain invented parliamentary democracy to avoid having political leaders imposed upon us. We will never accept foreign rule. What is unbelievable is that our political elite stand shoulder to shoulder with him," he said.
Other UKIP news today is unedifying, and rather sad.

Mike Natrass is rolling around the West Midlands.

Leaders debates, should UKIP be given a spot along with the Green's and the BNP in a sort of second division debate?

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williamsjk said...

UKIP should turn down any debate that puts them on a podium with small parties like the Greens and the BNP.

They are a party that will be standing in most seats throughout the UK - which puts them on a closer par with the Lib Dems than it does with the Greens, BNP, SNP, Plaid Cymru or any of the other 3rd tier parties.

Just because they have yet to win a seat in the UK parliament doesn't mean we should ignore the last set of European election results!