Tuesday, March 23, 2010

UKIP News review

Marta Andreasen kicks out at European Parliamentary excess in the Express,
UK Independence Party Euro MP Marta Andreasen said: “The European institutions are preaching economy for all except themselves. In difficult financial times, taxpayers are expected to dig even deeper to finance vanity projects, private cars and more junkets. How much more gravy does Europe want on the gravy train?”

Also in the Express Frank Maloney points out the madness pof the Olympic ticket sales being ringfenced for EU citizens, "It's the London Olympics, not the Brussels Olympics has says,
Officials confirmed the 75 per cent of tickets allocated to the British public will be open to anyone living in the EU.

Boxing promoter Frank Maloney, who is standing for UKIP in Barking, said: “Who does ­Brussels think is paying for the Olympics? We should have a system that ­British taxpayers get reductions, not having to fight with any European for the privilege of seeing the games.”

We have John Bufton continuing to sell his E-surgery in the Western Telegraph.
And a new candidate announced in Walthamstow, welcome Judith Benli,

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