Monday, March 01, 2010

UK Daily news

UKIP in the National Press

The Sun's former political editor and columnist Trevor Kavanagh (only in the print version) writes,

"Why is Brussels so cross with Nigel Farage?
Belgium IS a non-country. EU President Herman Van Rompuy IS like a "damp rag". Let's hope Mr Farage's next trick is to unseat oddball Commons Speaker John Bercow as MP for Buckingham. That really would bring alive the debate on Europe".

Catherine Bearder MEP (who she?) has written attacking Farage in the Independent,

"Mr Farage may claim to speak for the British people, but most of his voters would reprimand their own children were they to speak in such a way. Mr Farage's cynical swipe at Belgium, Britain's neighbour, friend and ally, also revealed the sordid underbelly of his party. Criticising a person for their actions is acceptable and necessary in order to invite change. Criticising a person on their nationality and appearance is the act of a bully."
Oh Catherine, have you been out of your comfortable Liberal bubble recently? The sad truth is that most parents would wish their children spoke so politely. But of course this isn't the nursery, this is politics, this is the future of our nation, this is about democracy. If you cannot speak loudly to those in power above us then what then?

Farage is likened to England captain Steve Borthwick(?) in the Indy's review of the Twickers's debacle on Saturday,
"Even Steve Borthwick, who is to outspokenness what Nigel Farage is to European unity, struggled to stay on-message."
UKIP in locals

The Chorley Guardian reports on Nick Hogan, the 'Chorley one's imprisonment.

Internationally the Van Rompuy story is still garnering comment
Here is New Europe's take.

Other stuff of interest,

In the Gurdaina there are a number of interesting pieces that deserve thought. Firstly there are two articles about Baroness Ashton

What is odd is the way in which Iain Traynor is suggesting that the UK has too much power, this goues in the opposition (in a way) to the other articles which say that she is completely sidelined. One small thing of note in the article is this nugget,
"Additionally, British officials are conspicuous in heading several of the key departments crucial to the operation of the new service. These include the head of the EU's intelligence cell, its military staff, the official recently appointed to overseeing recruitment to what are to be more than 130 EU embassies abroad, as well as Robert Cooper, the EU's top foreign and security policy strategist."
That'll be the nacsent EU/CIA then

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banned said...

Best thing Nigel has done for ages. Among other things he got a 30 minute debate on BBC Radio 2 thursday afternoon and while the Telegraph pretended to be unsympathetic they obligingly reprinted the entire speech in a handy cut-out-and-keep box.