Tuesday, March 02, 2010

This should be a giggle

EU set to unveil 2020 strategy for growth and jobs
The European Union executive will unveil a 10-year plan on Wednesday to boost economic growth, create jobs and help steer the bloc safely out of its worst financial crisis in decades.

The Europe 2020 strategy succeeds the European Commission's Lisbon Agenda, which failed to achieve its goal of making the EU the world's "most dynamic and competitive knowledge-based economy" by 2010.

The Commission is setting its sights lower this time but already faces criticism, including from Germany, of a plan that is central to the EU's efforts to strengthen economic governance and stay relevant on the world stage.

Maybe you have some suggestions.

How about stop regulating. Or allow free trade across the EU's borders? Stop the Carbon Trading Scheme... the options are legion.


Chris said...

Let me see - a plan made up by a bunch of featherbedded bureaucrats in Brussels who have never had a proper job? Of course it'll work!

Gawain Towler said...

Its simply genius isn't it?


Very good comerade,another ten year plan,in which tractor production will surpass all other achievements,except the peoples love of the state.