Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So the choice on Europe is them, or Us

William Hague's speech at the Royal United Services Institute has made it clear. Vote labour, get Brussels, Vote Lib/Dem get Brussels, and despite thousands of protests to the contrary, vote Tory get Brussels,

Nigel Farage has responded with his traditional forthright manner,
"William Hague has confirmed exactly what we have now believed for a while. There is no difference between the three establishment parties when it comes to the European Union",

He promises that the Tory party would, if it gained power be "highly active" in promoting European co-operation on climate change, energy security, and give extra impetus for Turkish membership of the club.

Tell me where the difference lies between that and the Labour or Liberal Democrat position. Nobody can, because there is none.

We have these three mastodons living in the political pre-Cambrian era. The people of Britain do not want a highly active membership of the European Union. They do not want us to co-ordinate policies on climate change, they certainly don't trust the EU's energy policy and the thought that anybody in Britain is desperate to open our borders to 70 million Turks is simply barking".

With this speech William Hague has finally destroyed any latent credibility that the Tories may once have had on the European Union issue. They are the same as everybody else, and the country demands better than that".

The only question that remians is how those in the Tory party that tell us that we should just wait, don't worry, when the Tories take power they will protect our soveriegnty are going to wake up smell the coffee and realise that they are in the wrong party?

Today, the only party that will defend our soveriegnty, the only party that believes taht Britain should be a country which makes its own decisions. The only party that belives that our Government should be accountable for its actions rather than sub let them to Brussels is UKIP.

It is a sad end to a formerely responsible party, but there you have it.

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UKIP is not the only party,what about us "ghastly filth"?