Saturday, March 27, 2010

Rhodri Morgan, when retired means idiotic

It appears the former leader of the Welsh Assembly, has as a way of keeping his brain cells ticking over taken up the role of Chairman of the European Affairs Committee of the Welsh Assembly.
Maybe it would be more useful if he took up kniting, or brisk walks with his dog along the Pembrokeshire coast path.

Mr Morgan is convinced the conditions are not yet in place to allow the next Google to be created within the E

Stating the bleedin' obvious seems a forte.
“All of these big new companies like Microsoft, Yahoo and eBay and Google and Amazon are [based in ] Seattle or San Francisco.

“Now, somehow or other we don’t have a Seattle or San Francisco where new e-economy jobs can be generated.”

Try EU regulation, just for starters you gerontophool, then he defends EU funs for poorer Welsh regions,
Mr Morgan also said he expects West Wales and the Valleys will qualify for a new round of European funding. He argued that any suggestion that poorer regions in richer member states should not receive direct funding must be “strangled at birth”.

Now, very slowly as you put your ear trumpet in Mr Morgan,
If we didn't give the money to Brussels in the first place there would be more money for Wales. It would come back with great chunks lopped off by the bureacracy.

And finally lease explain the sucess of John Bufton last year in the light of this,
Mr Morgan is also convinced that the Welsh do not share the loathing of Europe found in other parts of the UK. He said: “There’s never been the hostility to the European Union in Wales that there has been in England and Scotland and Northern Ireland, to be honest... People saw Europe as a rich uncle who was going to help you develop new jobs as an alternative to the jobs you were losing in mining and steel.

“It was never seen as, ‘These are the people who are crippling your fishing industry’.”

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