Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Is the Palestinian Authority an EU client state?

I ask because I have just discovered this.
Today, the European Union (EU) made its third contribution this year to the
Palestinian Authority's payment of its civil servants salaries and pensions, both in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank. The contribution of NIS 116.8 million (€22.85 million) was delivered through the EU's PEGASE[1] mechanism and benefited 80,608 civil servants and pensioners. The Government of Finland contributed €2 million to this payment.
"The EU contribution aims to support the Palestinian Authority's efforts to maintain regular salary payments to its employees and ensure the basic delivery of public services to the Palestinian citizens in the West Bank and Gaza " said Mr. Christian Berger, the European Union Representative in Jerusalem
A significant proportion of this payment came from a European Union commitment of €158.5 million to the Palestinian Authority announced earlier this year while the Government of Finland contributed €2 million.
So is the EU responsible for the rampant coruption in the territories and will the Court of Auditors make a serious study into the use of our taxes? Whaich they singularly failed to do before.

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Anonymous said...

perhaps if the israelis ended their 6 decade oppression and brutalisation of the palestinians, then the EU money would not be required.
it is the international community’s fault that this problem has been allowed to fester for so long and continues to cow-tow to israel.

no justice - no peace, it really is very simple ee