Thursday, March 04, 2010

Huntsman turned Poacher

There is a new blog in the Brussels firmanent linked to the UKIP MEPs and the assorted hoodlums and ne're do wells of the EFD Group. Named the Brussels Poacher it has a splendid provenance and we might reasonably assume it will be a source of all sorts of fun and frolics in its life.
Having made contact with fellow braconniers and braconnieri - French and Italian poachers to you - I hope also to bring you news of events and politics in the lands of our colleagues here in the Europe of Freedom & Democracy Group. And I shall be tapping into the network of quite excellent non-Brits that we have working for UKIP here in Brussels for yet more and different angles on Euroscepticism as it is practised on what we once used, fondly, to call 'The Continent'.

he will be hunting around for almost anything.

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