Sunday, February 28, 2010

Too late, the damage is done

It was late last night when I spotted it, so I left it until today - except short link on Facebook,
"Quite bananas, completely fruit loop. And she teaches Global Governance!"

But now when I have the time I see that Richard North has done my job for me, Professor Mary Kaldor, has written quite the most outargeously stupid article on the EU I have seen in years.

I leave you in Richard's capable hands. Here is a flavour,
The woman pictured is a professor of global governance and co-director of LSE Global Governance at the London School of Economics. Her name is Mary Kaldor and despite her elevated position and title, she is stupid. We know this. No one gets to that position and remains that ignorant unless they are seriously stupid.

Unfortunately for the rest of us, The Guardian chooses to give Mary Kaldor an outlet through which to display her stupidity – thereby conferring on her more gravitas than she deserves – even the little conveyed by this dismal rag.

Thus we get this stupid woman, under the heading, "The EU needs to return to its roots", telling us via the strap line, "Europe has spent too long besieged by regulation culture and market obsession, forgetting its original purpose: peace."


ukipwebmaster said...

Congrats. You've made Hannan's blogroll list:

banned said...

LSE, nuff said.