Thursday, February 11, 2010

Polling data looking increasingly interesting.

The general opinion is of course that a rogue poll is one that you disagree with, but it seems in my case a rogue polling organisation os one you agree with, in my case Angus Reid. Today's poll for Political Betting is again one of those, last month it was good for UKIP, now it is getting better,
Across Great Britain, 38 per cent of decided voters and leaners (-2 since late January) would support the Conservative candidate in their constituency if
a General Election were held tomorrow.
The governing Labour Party remains in second place with 24 per cent (+1), followed by the Liberal Democrats with 20 per cent (+1).
The United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) is fourth with six per cent (+1), followed by the British National Party (BNP) with three per cent (-1), and the Green Party also with three per cent (+1).
Looking at this more closely, Table 11, puts UKIP at 7% in both the Midlands and across the South. Weierder still, and even more encouraging this poll is " AMONGST RESPONDENTS AGED 18 TO 34", not traditionally the UK Independence Party's strongest demographic.

Which could well cause concern in certain lager parties planning departments.

This comes on top of this result last week in Staffordshire (somewhere where UKIP already have a number of councillors)
Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough - Newchapel: C 208, Ukip 148, Lab 138, Lib Dem 127. (May 2008 - C 416, Lab 220, Lib Dem 180, Ukip 127). C hold. Swing 10.4% C to Ukip.

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Anonymous said...

hope the voting system changes to something fairer. The liblabcon would get less than 20% combined in that case.