Monday, February 08, 2010

A million signatures, but why bother?

David Cameron's speech infront of a photogenic youff audience today had some things to recomend it. Support for the UKIP policy of recall for one, however a mjor piece of his new policy seems slightly too little, too late,

Any petition with a million signatures will allow members of the public to table a Bill that could end up being debated and voted on by MPs
If a million signatures are collected there should be a National Referendum on the policy. In that way it would be a true national debate rather than a debate by his hand picked MPs.

He even followed this idea by highlighting the way in which the country was railroaded into the Lisbon Treaty,
And one of the biggest constitutional changes in our history - our membership of the European Union - has practically passed Parliament by. We are hopeless, totally hopeless, at scrutinising the European legislation, regulation and spending that affects our country. No wonder people think Parliament has become a waste of space. Much of the time - and thanks in large part to the things this Labour government has done to undermine Parliament - it really is a waste of space.
Well Dave, I can tell you this now, we will provide you with a million signatures on election day, calling for a referendum on our membership of the European union. If you believed, really believed in the people of our land, you would allow them a say in their future, not keep all discussions and decisions to yourself and your cronies in the political elite.

The question remains, do you trust Cameron's Conservatives. After all they promised us a referendum, with a "cast iron guarantee" on the Lisbon Treaty, which he reneged upon.

Allowing a million signatures to call a binding referendum would in the very least keep him and his kind honest.


Witterings From Witney said...

Great minds..........Gawain.

Have just posted on his speech today and the contradiction of principle it contains

Daniel1979 said...

I doubt this is a policy that will ever see the light of day.

Michael Heaver said...

Problem is Gawain, how many people actually know about our alternative referendum policy?

graham.eardley said...

Perhaps DC promise of a referendum as been airbrushed out like the changes to the posters?


What gurantee do we have that he will not change his mind once elected?These scum have been having us over for decades,and the voting morons lap it up every time,none of the promises ever mean anything because these indolents are basically dishonest.

boaz@israel said...

sounds great on words. but does he have enough experience to to make the real deal?