Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dog bites man. Then in a shock result man bites dog.

The news that the Lib Dems lie or misrepresent reality in their election literature should surely come as no surprise to anyone. The unbiquity of those dodgy little bar graphs suggesting that they are the only people who could possibly win barring the Khmer Rouger in Basildon have all been collected in the musuem of political fibbery.

What is unusual is that when they are caught out in one of these lies that they apologise. Normally they just brazen it out.

So hats off the the Watford Observer who forced them to eat their words about their latest local leaflet.

The Liberal Democrats in Watford have today apologised to the Watford Observer for publishing misleading information in their latest election campaign leaflet.

The leaflet, which was delivered to thousands of homes across the constituency last weekend, presents a quote attributed to the Watford Observer that stated: “The signs look good for the Lib Dems to topple Claire Ward.”

However, the quote was actually taken from a story in May 2007, when the quote was clearly attributed to the Mayor of Watford, Dorothy Thornhill, a Liberal Democrat.

It in no way reflects comment or opinion that has been expressed by the Watford Observer.

Of course they would have to be very stupid to misrepresent the main source of information in the Constituency wouldn't they? And I bet that, unlike a newspaper which has to print an apology and correction there are no plans to do the same in the next Lib/Dem flyer to go out.

Maybe some of the opposition might call for it?

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Dick Puddlecote said...

On this subject, you may want to add these people to your list of contacts. They monitor deceitful election literature and have hit the Lib Dems a few times.

Why there isn't an independent commisiion or some such doing this is anyone's guess.