Monday, February 22, 2010

Climate Panic in Brusels

Because of teh Greek Debt Crisis the whole issue of climate change was pushed from the EU's agenda for the Brussels Library summit the other week.

But never fear President Barosso is on the case and has sent a round robin letter to the provincial governors about moving the climate alarmism agenda forward.
President Barroso has today written to EU heads of state and government informing them of the next steps in the Commission's work on climate action.

The tone of the letter shows that they are getting very rattled. It is really rather extra-ordinary.

There is notr a single government in the the western world that isn'tt wholly signed up to the climatwe alarmist ticket. In the UK for example the three big partries are as one in their desire to tax and control us over climate, yet the fear is palpable. The fear is of the people.

Here is the full text of the letter. The fear is there from start to finish,
"In fact if the European Union does not take the initiative we may end up driven by the initiatives of others.

We should rather show our commitment to press ahead with delivery – implementing our climate and energy package showing how tackling climate change is a dynamic element in a strategy for growth by creating jobs and boosting energy security under the Europe 2020 approach that I presented and we discussed last week.

Of course this is all about false ecxonomy. These plans do not create jobs in themselves. They transfer money from the private sector to the public sector and preferred private bidders in a massive fashion. The only jobs created are those that are held up through immense subsidy.

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