Monday, December 07, 2009

Sliding off the scale

UK now 7th largest economy, and soon to be smaller than Canada and Australia says the Centre of Economic and Business Research.

Does his matter, well yes it does if it means that our competitiveness is the reason for this slide.

The people one the bridge of state have been asleep.

I suppose it makes it harder for us Eurosceps to argue we can remain fully independent in a global economy. We have often used the arguement that we are the world's 4th biggest economy. Well we can say that no longer.

I can see the Millibrown saying,
"It's good news really. If we have screwed us as badly as they say then nobody can argue for independence".

Of course one way to resucitate the ecomony would be to leave the EU, but they wouldn't mention that.


Anonymous said...

Memo: Don't post when you're pissed up, spelling goes to hell.

french derek said...

"One way to resuscitate the economy would be to leave the EU". Tell me how!

To make a strong statement like this you must have researched the detail in some depth. If so, your readers (plus elected EMPs) should be made aware of your findings.

Anonymous said...

Pretty damned obvious French Derek, start with the money that goes for CAP.
Get rid of ten thousand useless laws. Fish our own waters, and we'd be on our way.

bill said...

Leave the EU, really?