Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It must be an awful lot.

Bob Spink asked a pertinant question of the Home Office a couple of days ago,
To ask the Secretary of State for the Home Department what grants his Department made to charitable organisations in each of the last five years.
The Minister's answer is rather chilling,
Mr. Woolas: The Department's funding of charities can not be provided, without incurring disproportionate cost.
Note that this is just for one department, and they are not prepared to admit to the level of government involvement in the so called third sector. Across government as a whole the numbers must be astonomic.

So not only are they corrupt themselves, but this points to a wholesale corruption of the voluntary or NGO sector, or as I prefer to call them the Para-Governmental sector


Alfred the Ordinary said...

Interestingly, one government department alone, the NHS, grants some £17,604,642 annually to Voluntary Organisations. I totalled this up from a spreadsheet at

If the NHS makes this sort of information readily available then so can other departments. Sometimes they need to be reminded that we are not talking about 'their' money.

Raedwald provides some interesting background to the NHS' funding at

Anonymous said...

What's the betting that most of them, or their senior personnel, are linked in some way to Common Purpose?

David said...

Awful government.

Anonymous said...

The corruption has been on an industrial scale.

Everything has been done with a purpose. The destruction of the present social order.

There is not much time left to stop it leading to its logical totalitarian conclusion