Friday, October 02, 2009

Local Taxpayers throw a party for Eurocrats

They must be so pleased. There hard earned cash being spent on a piss up for European Parliamentary types

The European Parliament (EP) is passing most of it's work in Brussels, located just at the North-Eastern part of Ixelles. On Wednesday, 07 October 2009, the EP will hold it's first Plenary Session after the June EP elections.

Therefore we as representatives of Ixelles have taken the initiative to greet the newly elected EP - with it's MEPs, staff and assistants for a welcome drink on the open space (the "Dalle") between the buildings Spinelli, Antall and Brandt.

Better still the people who are actually spending their constituents money are these two;
Willy Decourty (The Socialist Mayor of Ixlles/Elsene) and Delphine Bourgeois (Deputy Mayor in charge of European Affairs - from the Francophone Democratic Front (Peoples Front of Judea anyone?)).

It is being hawked around the Parliament by Isabelle Durant, a Green MEP and doughty fighter for the underdog.

Lawks what fun! A small local Council has a Deputy Mayor in charge of European Affairs, who would have thunk it? Well I suppose given that there are a fair few 'studio' hotels in Ixelles where you can rent by the hour she may be busy.

I wonder if local taxpayers are being invited? Because frankly free drinks in Brussels on mini plenary days are a dime a dozen for anybody with a Parliamentary pass and they will be lucky to draw a crowd.

I just hope it doesn't rain

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banned said...

"Spinelli" ( building ). He's the one wot done it, EU.