Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Lisbon Treaty to be "fast-tracked" through Czech Court

The last shreds of hope are being blown away. According to reports today at a meeting in Brussels between Jan Fischer, the Czech PM, Barroso and Buzek, the new Prseident of teh European Parliament, Fisher told a press conference,
""Everything is in place for the treaty to be ready andimplemented by the
end of this year.
"The constitutional court is working faster. It has asked for expertopinion (on the objections raised by the senators) and everyone is ready to give that advice some time next week.
"Then we will have a better idea of when the constitutional court could take a final decision."
Now Mr Cameron, you did say that you would tell us what you do when the Treaty is ratified. Well I do hope you are ready because it looks like that day will be coming sooner than you think.


Budgie said...

It looks like it is too late. The big problem is that, even if the British populace stirs itself and clamours to leave, after Lisbon we will merely be a province of the EU.

Can Brussels allow a province to leave? Probably not. So if it got nasty we would have French, German, Spanish, etc, troops on the streets of Britain, supported by the remaining europhiles, to keep the "peace".

Anonymous said...

Looks like it's only UKIP holding the fort now:

ukipwebmaster said...

Nigel Farage berates the Eurocrats over the Irish referendum

banned said...

Of course we can leave, it won't take much to cut off Eurotunnel.
Time for Dave to spell out what " will not let things stand " actually means and well before the election that he expects to win.

PS, who is going to tell Senor Barosso when Our Tone becomes the real President ?