Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Headline Chasing

Well you have to give him credit it is a fun stunt, but their again he has a history of cunning stunts.

Chris Davies the Lib/Dem MEP for the North Western counties of England has applied for the job of President of Europe. According to PA he has written a letter to the political heads of government of the 27 countries of the European Union thusly,

"The backroom manoeuvrings now taking place are a very poor substitute for an open selection process.

We have millions of talented people in Europe, and more than half of them are women, so why is the recruitment net not being cast wider?

European citizens should be told whether this is just a beauty contest for middle aged males or a professional recruitment exercise intended to select the best person for the job, someone with ideas about how to shape Europe's future.

I am a man in my 50s, with a Cambridge University education and 30 years of political experience, I believe I possess qualifications similar to those of other potential candidates named in the media.

To my credit I can claim that, unlike some of my rivals, I have never deceived either of the two parliaments to which I have belonged, and I bear no responsibility for the illegal invasion of another country that led to the death of many thousands of innocent people.

I hope these facts will not prejudice my application.

As I said a bit of fun.

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Anonymous said...

Not so long ago he asked Greater Manchester Police to arrest him for possession of cannabis. They duly obliged.