Thursday, October 22, 2009

Even the European Central Bank can see that the Hedge Fund Directive is dicey

It is a wonderful hedging version of Central Bankese, but it looks like ther are some concerns in Luxembourg.
So they start by not frightening the political horses in Frace and Germany,
" The ECB supports the intention to provide a harmonised regulatory and supervisory framework for the activities of alternative investment fund managers
(AIFMs) in the European Union."

But after that it the says,
"The ECB sees a potential risk of regulatory arbitrage between alternative investment fund managers, insurance companies and credit institutions, among which the proposed directive does not create a level playing field,"

Or in other words, if the EU pushes ahead with the Directive then business will sod off to places where the legislation doesn't exist.

Amusingly though it does want to ensure that central banks are exempt.

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