Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Why is this necessary?

The Archbishop Rowan Williams Primary School in Portskewett, Monmouthshire is a little odd for a number of reasons. The front page of its website has a number of photos showing happy little kinder. For example this one,

Obviously engaging in some planet saving activity, all very laudable. But this other one worries me,

Why did the school not feel the need to obscure the faces on the former but to do so in the latter. Is there something intrinsically more prone to peadophile thoughts about being an altar boy/girl?

Should we be worried about the activities of some no doubt blameless priest.

And anyhow why is the school named after the bearded vacuum that currently resides in Lambeth Palace? It's all a tad vainglorious you know. Imagine the scene...

"Your Grace?", says the dean and chapter in plain chant.

"Yes, Jones's"

"Your Grace, we have come up with a way to celebrate the munificence of your arch-episcopate".

"What. A brass plaque on a pew?"

"No, when you leave for Cantebury we shall name that little primary school in Monmouthshire after you?"

"But I am not dead yet", he says as he brushes breakfast egg from his beard.

"To us you are", tugging of multiple forelocks.

"Well damn well make sure there are pictures of priests and chldren at the altar on its website, you know how people talk"

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kensington and chelsea said...

Quite insulting to the guy. But maybe it was requested.