Thursday, June 04, 2009

Do like Stanley

It is a simple proposition. The people of the UK should decide the future of their country, now and for always.

Not really controversial is it?


Mica D said...

There are 61 million "people of the UK"; not surprisingly they have a variety of different views and these are democratically expressed at the ballot box. Are you saying that the UK government should make such a major, irreversible decision and push it through regardless of what a large proportion of the people want? Not even a referendum?

In any case, I expect that's what the UK Conservative Party will do - say "Yes" to everything the EU proposes - despite running for election on a Eurosceptic platform.

I give the EU 50-100 years before collapsing; about as long as the Soviet Union. I wonder what will emerge from all that chaos?

Gawain Towler said...

Nope, I am saying that such a decision can only be made through and with the consent of the people of the UK. To that end, a referendum is the clearest and cleanest way of gaugeing the will of the people.

Mica D said...

The UK will NEVER walk away from the EU (various reasons, including American interests), so the British government can't possibly risk a referendum on an EU treaty or EU membership.

A British political party arguing at an election for open wholehearted support of the EU would be election poison (and defeated Euroenthusiasts are no use to the EU) so they don't have that option either.

Ever closer union by stealth is therefore the only British option.