Monday, May 11, 2009

Two questions, two answers

Commission en Direct, the internal EU officials weekly freesheet has foolishly asked me to provide a couple of answers to questions in the lead up to the election, short answers only. Herewith my responses.

1. What measures would you propose to counter job losses? In which sectors should we focus our efforts to create new jobs?

A simple and significant dereulatory approach would be the best method by which we could encourage employment. The state cannot create wealth, it can only restrict it. The Commision estimated in 2006 that compliance with EU regulation cost 640 billion euro p.a.. Imagine how effective business would be without that anvil round its neck.

2. Do you see climate change as a serious threat? What are your party's priorities in terms of combatting global warming?

The climate has always changed, whether mankind is behind it is another matter. Hamstringing business and society with massive costs on frankly voodoo science seems irreponsible in the extreme. Just because the cause is fashionable does not make it right.

Short answers were demanded.


mookster said...

short answers and spot-on both times

Josef Litobarski said...


I agree with you when you say the state cannot create wealth, it can only restrict it.

Unfortunately, the actual states of Europe don't agree with you. They erect barriers to trade in the form of borders, tariffs, different tax regimes and regulatory systems.

I'm guessing you'd support voluntary harmonization? A free market approach to harmonization? With no regulatory body to enforce harmonization, the name of the game becomes harmonize or go bust?

But harmonization imposed at a European level is also anti-protectionist. It takes the option of pursuing protectionist policies off the table for national governments. If you're anti-state interference, then why aren't you pro-regulation?


The Aunt said...

Can NOBODY spell any more?