Friday, May 01, 2009

A ripe thought from the Grumpy one about the reported suicide watch Labour MPs.

Suicide watch!

Do me a favour.

Throw the expense fiddling fuckers a bag of rusty razor blades, tell them to get on with it, film it and then put it on YouTube.

Now that's what I call suicide watch.


HairyChestnuts said...

If the sordid dirty little secrets and expense fruads of these MPs are SO bad that they would consider suicide rather than face public humiliation, then why are the whips not kicking them out of the party? All these scoundrells stick together with their dirty little fingers stuffed in the same pie.

Well not for much longer, once the figures are released, they'll be back stabbing each other left right and centre in the hope that they can deflect public attention away from their own sleaze by highlighting someone elses.

I'm moist with anticipation :)

Large Melot Please said...

That is the best comment so far, lmfao.