Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Another day another fraud.

Berlyamonster has done some fine digging,

Instead of being sacked, Eurocrats are being compensated for fraud, all because the investigating office is useless.
14 EU fonctionnaires investigated for suspected injury benefit fraud have been awarded an extra 3000 euros each from the taxpayer, after it transpired the EU's fraud watchdog failed to tell the accident-prone civil servants that they were to face criminal proceedings in Italy.

What the flipping heck!
It's all here in French.

It just makes you wonder, what are OLAF for? - Oh yes I remember for chasing down recalcitrant eurosceptics.


John R. Nicoll said...

Alice in Wonderland only had one Mad Hatter to deal with we have a whole European parliament full of them

John R. Nicoll

david said...

in fact after reading your blog, I get the inspiration to start writing blog