Friday, April 10, 2009

Bizzare language alert

In reference to the pub broadcast last night by Nigel Farage,

I saw this tweet
"Katserina: UKIP says "vote for us and we'll keep the pubs open." Maintaining the phallocentric locations for male dealings! Super!"

New feminist phrase meaning pub,
"Hey chaps, fancy going down the phallocentric location for male dealings for a pint?"
"Now there's a cracking idea."

Katserina, what is your problem?


ukipwebmaster said...

If pubs are "phallocentric locations for male dealings" what would you call hairdressing salons?

Med guy said...

The secret is in Katserina's name. The prefix 'Kats' comes from the Italian 'cazzo' (pronounced 'katso'), which is the actual phalic tool, qualified by 'erina', the diminutive version.

So I guess 'tiny cazzo' feels intimidated in these phalocentric locations.

Yes, I'm Female - so What? said...

katserina's got a point - the message coming through from this is "Vote for Us and We'll bring back smoke-filled pubs full of boring fat old blokes ..." Well, I suppose it is good to see Mr F talking about something on which he has lots of expert knowledge....

A Girlie said...

@ ukipwebmaster - er...hairdressing salons?

Budgie said...

Yes, I'm Female - so What? said sarcastically: "... We'll bring back smoke-filled pubs full of boring fat old blokes..."

And where do the boring fat old bints go?

Isn't about time people like YIFSW minded their own damn business? If "boring fat old blokes" want to congregate in pubs why shouldn't they?

ukipwebmaster said...

@ A Girlie - Day centres for Bad Hair recuperations?

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Pubs were promised an influx of non-snoking girlie people who would fill their coffers once smoking was banned.
They never materialised.

A Boring Fat Old Bint said...

You really think I'd tell you? Well....I might, but then I'd have to kill you!

Budgie said...

A Boring Fat Old Bint said: "You really think I'd tell you? Well....I might, but then I'd have to kill you!"

Actually, I was kidding, I really don't want to know where "boring fat old bints go" ... mainly because it's none of my damn business.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

As a Publican I would like to know where these smoke filled pubs were before the ban. I have been in my industry for 25 years and for most of that time pubs have been open plan, light and airy. Of course there were typical boozing pubs, which shall we paid perhaps less attention to their multi-gender appeal, but they have been a tiny minority of pubs for years.

What however was the common factor was 75% of pub customers being smokers, with the rest their tolerant no smoking friends. Smoking bans altered that, now pubs are empty or worse still crèches for single parent families.

UKIP is right to support Freedom to Choose. UKIP do not support smoking, just individuals right to do so, and for private business owners to make their own decision.