Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wilmot, arse elbow, paddle creek

Glenys Wilmot the leader of the Labour delegation in the European Parliament must know how General Custer felt half way through the Little Big Horn; nobody here gets out alive.

Here she is is cloud cuckoo land,
Do you think quotas will bring more women to the polls and get more women elected?

Absolutely. It has worked in other places, and it has certainly worked in the UK, in the Welsh Assembly and other areas. Our own list for the European elections is zipped, so we have man-woman, man-woman [...] That ensures we have equality in the European elections, but that is not the case in other elections.
It has worked getting more women elected, but it has had no definable effect upon the turnout of women. So jobs for the lasses Yes, political engagement, No. Not much of a score I would say.
What about having a woman president of the Commission?

When you have a woman in top position, it sends a message no matter what that position is. I think that to have Hilary Clinton in the role of secretary of state is fantastic. The same applies for Obama.
The same applies for Obama? Eh? Glenys, are you suggesting that La Clinton and Obama only got elected through positive discrimination?

You are crackers you know. Finally she claims that "jobs, skills, housing: that will be our agenda in the European elections".

"Jobs", Eu Regulations make employment more difficult and more expensive.
"Skills" Education we are always told is not an EU competence
"Housing" Absolutely not and EU issue

So Glenys, your campaign for the Euros is going to be based on utter irrelevances

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