Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Time for a futile political gesture

Christopher Beazley, that well known paragon of Conservatism, and the European parliament's own Man from Del Monte - he only knows how to say yes - has just made an utterly ridiculous fool of himself.

He has resigned the Tory whip and has become the EPP's second British member. Why? He says it is because of the Tory's plan to leave the EPP.
“I am resigning the whip and I will remain a full member of the EPP grouping in the Parliament, said Mr Beazley. “This is the only policy with which I disagree with Mr Cameron.

“However, I cannot watch and say nothing while the Tories walk away from their allies, friends and colleagues in Europe.“There is a Conservative pro-European argument and it has to be discussed, not smothered by anti-European hysteria in the party.

“I am terribly sad but I cannot watch my country head for the rocks, which it will do if Cameron becomes Prime Minister and has no allies in the major governments of the European Union.”

The man has lost his marbles. Chris, nobody knows who you are, nobody knows who the EPP are and nobody cares a damn. The Tories won't be leaving the EPP-ED group until after you cease to be an MEP in June. The only felolow you will be sitting with in the British delegation of the EPP is Den Dover, there because he was chucked out of the Tories after he was found to have defrauded the public exchequer to the tune of hundreds of thousands of pounds. So that is a better place to sit?

His page on the Conservative website has already gone. And con home has a go.


Budgie said...

EU parliament elections prediction: Tories same; UKIP slightly down; ZaNu Liebore and Lib Dums losses; BNP, ED, Libertas gains; Greens drown in a AGW tidal surge (hopefully).

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Budgie, who are AGW ?

"Chris, nobody knows who you are, nobody knows " and nobody cares so off you go, there's a good chap.