Friday, March 06, 2009

Things are not good at the Independent

The latest ABC circulation figures for daily newspapers have just come out and it really looks like that the Independent doesn't have long to live.

The Sun – 2,954,298 (down 3.99%)

Daily Mirror – 1,326,628 (down 11.59%)

Daily Star – 780,742 (up 7.85%)

Daily Mail – 2,218,547 (down 3.33%)

Daily Express – 715,280 (down 2.90%)

The Daily Telegraph – 821,943 (down 5.16%)

The Times - 607,775 (down 0.86%)

Financial Times – 421,026 (down 6.09%)

The Guardian – 340,238 (down 4.33%)

The Independent – 205,964 (down 18.41%)

Not that I am too upset about the demise of the Indy, it is a slavish follower of pc nostrums, and is obviously falling out of favour, good to see that that other major lead pro-EU rag, the Mirror is also having a very tough time.


Anonymous said...

And the Indy put out the propaganda piece that UKIP was supposedly failing?

Budgie said...

Go to your local library and see what papers they provide. I bet that they have either the Indy or the Grauniad, and a local paper and not much else.

So that's where the Indy gets its fine circulation figures from.

LibertyMine said...

I amazed even the Guardian is able to continue with such poor circulation figures. Never liked the Indy, dreary paper.

Talking of UKIP, I too thought they were going bust until I got my post on Thursday morning. Loads of stuff from them - colourful newspaper, leaflets, poster, I assume it is a mail-drop but it must have cost a bit.

Gawain Towler said...

Ah but LM, the Guardian is subsidised by al those hundreds of public sector non-job adverts. If the public sector stopped creating outreach officers then goodbye Guardian

LibertyMine said...

Very true, and the world would be a better place for it.

Anonymous said...

Well, I am part of the negative trend of the Daily Telegraph. I hung on for a while hoping it would reverse its dumbing down policy, but to no avail. And the Barclay brother's bullying tactics in Sark was the last straw.