Saturday, March 07, 2009

Harperson to fall off cliff

It appears that Harriet Harman has just had a senior (politico) moment. In Dundee for the Labour Party conference she made a clarion call,
to party members, urging them to treat the Euro elections as a "dress rehearsal" for the next UK election.
The deputy labour leader urged delegates at the Scottish Labour conference in Dundee to make every vote count in the run-up to the June 4 poll.
Not only is she asking for trouble in that Labour are going to get hammered, she is playing straight into the Tories and federasts everywhere's hands. From what I understand the Tories main campaign thrust at the June euro elections is along the lines of, 'mmake this a run up to the General election, "Vote Conservative to give Gordo a kicking," a message to be fair that has some resonance.

But my concern is, and it would be wouldn't it with my UKIP sympathies, is that yet again, a European election will yet again be run with the main parties deliberately avoiding the issue of Europe and its increasing domination of our nations poltical life.

If we cannot talk about Europe during a European election, then pray when can we?

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LibertyMine said...

Bring it on. I can't wait. I agree the Tory line could work well, but I believe there is enough agitation among the silent majority to suggest smaller parties will do better than ever this time. I certainly hope so.