Monday, February 23, 2009

Schulz wants all the pies

Martin Schulz, the leader of the socialists in the European Assembly has proven that he too is suffering from a delusions. According to the FAZ he is to be the SPD candidate to replace the outgoing German Commissioner, Günter Verheugen.

OK fine (though the CDU are rather down on the idea, Verheugen is a socialist and they think it is there tuen, particularly with Merkle as Chancellor). But Schulz wants to be Commissioner for only half the term, stopping after 2 1/2 yaers and standing down.

Why, because he also wants to become President of the European Parliament, but recognising that the electoral mathematics - and the back room deals of the EP presidential elections will most probably give the first half to the EPP. Thus his chance comes half way through the Parliamentary term.

But what this would mean in practice is, first he gets elected in June, then he stands down allowing somebody else to become an MEP from the autumn when the Commissioners are finalised, sit as a Commissioner for 2 1/2 years, then resign as Commissioner, order that one of the SpD MEPs be fired, resume his seat and get appointed President of Parliament for the second half of the term.

See what I mean... deluded.

Worse given this is a man who would lose his temper and start shouting and waving his hands about before he had finished reading the entrees on a menu, anybody who dares suggest that he is out of his tree is liable to be screamed at, I doubt that any of his advisors will have the brass balls to even disabuse him of the idea.

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